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CSB Phonology and writing
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This public article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 23 Nov 2021, 20:33.

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[edit] [top]Inventory

Nasal /m/ m/n/ n/ɲ/ ny[ŋ]
Plosive /p/ p /pʰ/ ph/b/ b/t/ t /tʰ/ th/d/ d/k/ k /kʰ/ kh/g/ g
Fricative /f/ f/v/ v/s/ s/z/ z/ʃ/ š/ʒ/ ž/x/ x/h/ h
Affricate /t͡s/ ts/d͡z/ dz/t͡ʃ/ tš/d͡ʒ/ dž
Lateral approximant /l/ l
Lateral fricative /ɬ/ šl
Approximant /j/ y[w]
Trill /r/ r

Close /i(:)/ i(i)/y(:)/ ü(ü)/ɯ(:)/ ï(ï)/u(:)/ u(u) [ũ]
Close-mid /e(:)/ e(e)/o(:)/ o(o) [õ]
Mid [ə]
Near-open [æ]
Open /a(:)/ a(a)/ɑ(:)/ ä(ä) [ɑ̃]

yellow= only allophones

[edit] [top]Writing

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