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Ceothian Music
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This public article was written by thaegjox, and last updated on 20 May 2017, 00:38.

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Vokhl or Vokhyl music is a traditional genre existing ever since the 12th century. The beat is similar to 6/8 bembe music and is often played with the Dálhag (a drum similar to the djembe) and Scokhêll (a rattle often used in ancient rituals). This genre had died out in the 19th century and was soon replaced by Nu-Vokyll in the late 20th century.

Nu-Vokyll uses synths and is slower than traditional Vokhl music, and the Dálhag is often used in Vok-Hop, a subgenre of Nu-Vokyll. The use of the Scokhêll in Nu-Vokyll is very rare. Nu-Vokyll also has influences from jazz and hip-hop.
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