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Lesson #1 - Introduction
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I will Cover the basic rules surrounding the way words are formed and sentence structure.
This private article was written by [Deactivated User] on 18 Nov 2021, 22:14.

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Songlan is an entirely made up language. it probably has some aspects of English that I've unconsciously added. It doesn't copy its grammar or etymology from anywhere however the writing system is based on Tibetan.

Songlan uses an abugida format. this mean that each letter needs a vowel to be put on top, the exception for this is if the first word's vowel is an o. Beyond that any letters added on to the root character will have no vowel and just be the consonant unless a vowel is added on top: this is the only case in which the vowel character for o is used. an example of this is the word is the word red, Sögyrmen, would be made using S with an ö vowel, the g with a y vowel, then r without a vowel, then m with an e vowel then an n without a vowel.

Songlan follows an OSV structure, so Object-Subject-Verb So, Faro ' Go ' Fa = I eat food, not 'food I eat' or 'Food eats me'. On top of this Songlan doesent have any articles or plurality so there is not context of quantity within the sentence.
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