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Lamallu Glyph Script
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The primary writing system of Lamallu is an intricate hieroglyphic style based on the Mayan script in both function and aesthetics. It is an art form as much as it is written language. Words may be composed from logograms as well as any of the syllabograms in its (at current count) 112-glyph syllabary. Glyphs occur in blocks of four, with the reading order running top to bottom, left to right for each block.

A word glyph fits roughly into a square shape. The syllables within are read left to right, top to bottom. Glyphs can be rotated, squashed, stretched, or may be hugging another syllable. As an example, this is a way of writing the word haājach /haDˆajat͡ʃ/ ; another.

When a word ends in a consonant, like this one, the final syllable should have the same vowel sound as the preceding syllable, but it is not pronounced; so, the glyph reads ha-a-ja-ch(a).

Emotion Cues

Now, about those musical chords humans can't pronounce. In Lamallu, emotion chords are only written when the writer wants to call attention to them. This can be to differentiate between words that are otherwise spelled the same, to use the amarative or miristive case, or to reflect an emotion chord that has been changed in some way. The following word, thjú /θjB˚u/ ; you (amaritive dative), is written with the glyphs th(u)-ju. However, it also includes an extra glyph to indicate the emphasized emotion, a B major chord to express affection/goodwill. Emotion chord glyphs are composed of a base glyph to represent the chord type (major, minor, augmented, or diminished), which has one of 7 notations stacked on it to indicate the musical note. If some glyphs appear suspiciously similar to the Mayan numerical system, it's because they were taken directly from it.

Lamallu Glyph Dictionary

Including the full syllabary and current logogram dictionary.

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