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On Danshali numerals and dates
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This public article was written by quidditchhp, and last updated on 16 Nov 2018, 10:57.

On Danshali numerals and dates

The system behind numerals in Danshali is relatively simple, and yet deserves an explanation.
Danshali uses base 12.
The 12 base numerals are:

1- nu é
2- thore re
3- son son
4- zeto zeû
5- fun fun
6- seho seho
7- 'ure 'Tre
8- oxen 6xÀn
9- jun jun
10 (A in base 12)- yuke yuke
11(B in base 12)- meco meà
12 (10 in base 12)- sen sen

For numbers between 12 and 144, simply join the number 12 with the number it is being multiplied by. For example:

34(base 10)=2A(base 12)=thoresen yuke resen yuke
75(base 10)=63(base 12)=sehosen son sehosen son
109(base 10)=91(base 12)=junsen nu junsen é

When does this multiplication stop, and when does a new number appear? The Danshali numbering system is designed in a way that there is only a new number every time that 2 previous number would have to repeat themselves. For example, upon reaching 144(100 in base 12), while using the system described above, one would have to multiply 12*12, meaning the resulting number would be "sensen". This, however, cannot happen. As such 144 is its own number. However, upon reaching 1728(1000 in base 12) a new number wouldn't be needed, as you could reach it by multiplying 12*144 (10*100 in base 12).
As such, the 3 next necessary numbers would be:

144 (100 in base 12)- reqo reqo
20,736 (10k in base 12)- taçi taƣ
429,981,696 (100m in base 12)- binbu


1,200(base 10)=840(base 12)=oxenreqo zetosen 6xÀnreqo zeûsen
1,200,000(base 10)=49A540(base 12)=zetosenjuntaçi yukesenfunreqo zetosen zeûsenjuntaƣ yukesenfunreqo zeûsen
500,000,000(base 10)=11B547A28(base 12)=binbu senmecoreqofunsenzetotaçi 'uresenyukereqo thoresen oxen ãnbhu senmeàreqofunsenzeûtaƣ 'Tresenyukereqo resen 6xÀn

The dates section is a wip and will be added at a later date.
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