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Cases and Moods
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The cases and moods of Dírma
This public article was written by Backyard Faerie, and last updated on 17 Feb 2019, 11:26.

5. Grammar
Use a possessive pronoun before the object or add the corresponding possessive clitic (m' and d' being examples). The adposition "na" also initiates genitive case.

Use the vocative particle "ba" (or the clitic b') and add initial mutation to the noun. If the noun begins with sh which mutates to h, b'h becomes bh', if the noun begins with i,e or u, b'h again becomes bh'. See here for consonant mutation and here for vowels.

Vocative doubles as imperative. When used as imperative, the verb is not conjugated. If the verb begins with i, e or u, change b' to bh', if the verb begins with sh which mutates to h, b'h becomes bh'. Bí becomes bó.
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