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Provinces in Griseoculum
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Menu 1. Novinän 2. Grovinän 3. Astoria 4. Čunzål 5. Sirataria 6. Porulki 7. Maldovia 8. Orkinpria and Mewa Nova
Here's a rundown of the provinces found in Griseoculum.

[edit] [top]Novinän

Demonym: Novinian
Famous for: Being cool and modern and stuff like that
Languages spoken: EVERYTHING (but mostly Grisian and British Grovian)
People think it's home to the capital - or the capital itself - but it's not. It's just really densely populated and well-developed. The country's main port is found in the south-west of the province. Merchants walk the streets, looking for customers to reel in. It's noisy, crowded, and packed - a city-lover's paradise.
[edit] [top]Grovinän

Demonym: Grovian
Famous for: A booming economy
Languages spoken: British Grovian
The original home of the first British merchants. This is a less residential area and a more industrial province. Factories and business parks cover the majority of Grovinän. Because of this, the level of pollution is really high. But the Grovians don't mind. More smog means more money, after all.
[edit] [top]Astoria

Demonym: Astorian
Famous for: Idyllic holiday retreats
Languages spoken: Astoyakese
The Grisians didn't take kindly to the first Slavic settlers, but they eventually got along. However, old prejudices meant that a) they were confined to a relatively small, cold province and b) they weren't given much to live on at first. Though content now, they're not a buzzing metropolis or a province rolling in cash. They've got nice cabins, though.
[edit] [top]Čunzål

Demonym: Čunzalese
Famous for: Quick food production
Languages spoken: Grisian, Syrralese
Arable land, a river, and good farmers. What more is there to say? Oh, and they grow the best cucumbers.
[edit] [top]Sirataria

Demonym: Syrralese
Famous for: Education
Languages spoken: Syrralese, British Grovian
You'll find all the learned, refined Grisians in Sirataria. Full of schools, libraries, and societies concerning all different things, Sirataria is a hub of intellectual activity.
[edit] [top]Porulki

Demonym: Porulkese
Famous for: Shady royals
Languages spoken: Grisian
The home of the royal family and parliament. Not much is known about either of these, but they own the state and a lot of the surrounding ocean. Like, a LOT.
[edit] [top]Maldovia

Demonym: Maldovian
Famous for: Lush rainforests
Languages spoken: Maldovian, Syrralese
The humid climate of the south-eastern parts of Griseoculum suited the Maldovians very much as it was almost like home back in their Austronesian hometowns. Maldovia is relatively rural, though some northern areas are slowly being developed further.
[edit] [top]Orkinpria and Mewa Nova

Demonym: Orkinian
Famous for: Defying religious customs
Languages spoken: Old Novinian
The easternmost provinces of Griseoculum are set apart from the rest due to their beliefs in Old Grisian religion. They speak the tongue of the ancient scriptures in their day to day lives, so really, it should be Novinian, not Old Novinian. It is disputed whether or not Mewa Nova should be counted as a separate province, as they want to be slightly more modernised than Orkinpria, yet both provinces hold the same strong religious beliefs.
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