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Idenian Romanisation
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Comparison of the two latin aphabet spelling systems of Idenian.
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[edit] [top]Introduction

Because of the widespread use of  Idenian throughout the entirety of Wiro'fo, there are a multitude of romanisation systems in use to render Idenian texts. There are two primary systems of romanisation in Idenian: (yideN'pe) Yiden-pe and (keru'pe) Kerupe. Yiden-pe is designed to better reflect the grammar and native orthography, while Kerupe is designed to better reflect the phonology in order to aid in the reading of texts.

[edit] [top]Systems

ha aa
ha ii
he ee
ho oo
hu uu
' ', -Ø
r rr
s ss
k kk
g gg
t tt
m mm
n nn
w ww
c šš
y yy
f ff
b bb
d dd
p pp
h ØØ, '
N n-n
() "Ø, "

Yiden-pe is written in all lower-case, with the ' šeye represented by both apostrophes <'> representing lexical boundaries in compound words and hyphens <-> representing grammatical boundaries between roots and affixes. It uses quotation marks <"> to denote proper nouns.
Keru-pe is written with upper-case letters at the beginning of sentences to denote proper nouns, with the ' šeye being omitted entirely. The syllabic nasal N n' is written with a plain <n> and when in conflict with it's non-syllabic counterpart will be rendered as <n'> (i.e. roN'ho ron'o (Yiden-pe: ron-o) vs. rono rono (Yiden-pe: rono)).

[edit] [top]Examples

Keru'rosu: keru'ku'ca do (ro keru'ku)'ho.
Yiden-pe: keru'ku-ša do "ro keru'ku"-o.
Keru-pe: Kerukuša do Ro Kerukuo.
Translation: I speak Idenian.

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