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RGLH IV: Syntax II
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This public article was written by EllaHansen, and last updated on 19 Jan 2020, 21:04.

[comments] Menu 1. C. Subordination 2. — 1. Temporal Clauses 3. — 2. Clauses of Cause, Result, Purpose 4. — 3. Conditions 5. — 4. Relative Clauses 6. D. Stylistics 7. — 1. Prose 8. — 2. Prosody
This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

[top]C. Subordination

[top]— 1. Temporal Clauses

[top]— 2. Clauses of Cause, Result, Purpose

[top]— 3. Conditions

[top]— 4. Relative Clauses

gramuary:  Heláin is an ergative, generally verb-initial language. A relative clause comes after its head, is followed by a form of the relative demonstrative ever (’ver after a vowel) modifying the head, and usually contains a resumptive demonstrative (RD) agreeing with the head in number/gender. If the head is a demonstrative, the RD is a form of the same demonstrative; if the head is a noun, the RD is a form of the indefinite demonstrative er. The RD is omitted if (and only if) it’s a form of er other than absolutive but in a case with the same ending as the relative demonstrative.

I’ve altered the sentences to show more grammar and turned (some of?) them into mini-lessons.

▼ 1. the man who is: RDs in action

▼ 2. the man whom I see: agent-sharing

▼ 3. the man who sees me: the participle option

▼ 4. the man your brother gave a book to: scratch that, RD omission example

▼ 5. the man that was given: clefting

▼ 6. the man your sister talks about: unabsolutives and RDs

▼ 7. the man whose son is a soldier: a new clitic

▼ 8. the girl you went to school with: resumptive inversion

▼ 9. the man who[m] I was seen by: more resumptive inversion and RD omission

▼ 10. the man I am taller than: less tricky than it looks

▼ 11. know where: complement clauses

▼ 12. say why: the problem of complement clauses and indirect questions

▼ 13-14. tell me when, wrote about how: more complement clauses

▼ 15. to make money: a brief foray into fie dha clauses

▼ 16-18. know that: more complement clauses?

▼ 19-26: more av-clauses etc.

▼ 27-30: the tricky ones

[top]D. Stylistics

[top]— 1. Prose

[top]— 2. Prosody
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