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An introduction to what dialects are and how they're used on CWS
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13. Pronouns
Menu 1. What is it? 2. Dialect vs. Language 3. How do I add this? 4. How do I add dialect-specific vocabulary? 5. What about grammar tables and phonologies? 6. What does this look like?
[top]What is it?

A dialect is (generally) a regional variation of your language. This can be a variation in pronunciation, vocabulary, and/or grammar etc. Dialects in CWS are defined by attaching these to a 'parent' language. We understand that dialects usually function in a continuum of languages, however the 'parent' language on CWS for all intents and purposes is the 'standard' or 'main' variant.

If in your language it would not be appropriate for your dialect to be attached to the 'parent' language, we'd recommend registering the dialect as a separate language on CWS.

[top]Dialect vs. Language

The difference between a language and dialect in reality is down to how the languages identify themselves. Consider for example that there are many languages in China - some are completely mutually unintelligible, however these are all generally considered (at least in China) as one language. Compare this to perhaps Scandinavian languages where a lot of them are very highly mutually intelligible, but because of political borders, are considered separate languages.

Because on CWS you're now able to have separate grammar tables and phonology information for dialects, it is up to you whether you consider something a dialect or a separate language. Consider the culture and political situation of the country/region/whatever where the language is spoken.

> add new language
> add new dialect

[top]How do I add this?

On your language summary page (green menu > 'Summary'), there is an 'Add dialect' button that will take you to the form. There is also an 'New dialect' button in the menu (orange profile menu > 'language' > 'New dialect'). Or you can click here.

The dialects all have sub-language codes attached to your main language. For example, the Govtha dialect of Nithalos (NXS) has been given the code NXS-GOV.

Once added, a summary of the dialect will show up on the main language page, and you can click the [view] button for more information about it.

[top]How do I add dialect-specific vocabulary?

You will need to add the 'dialect' field to your dictionary via the dictionary settings page. When you add vocabulary from then on, there will be a drop down with a list of your language's registered dialects to choose from. (Note: the "Not Dialect Specific" item means the word is considered part of the main/ standard dialect.) These will evidently be displayed on your word summaries also.

When searching in your dictionary a new search option will be available to filter out dialects. Give this a try!

Furthermore, once you've added some dialect-specific vocabulary, a comparison list will start to appear on the dialect summary page. This shows your dialect specific vocabulary juxtaposed to the parent language word.

> dictionary
> dictionary settings

[top]What about grammar tables and phonologies?

On both the add grammar table page, and the inventory page, there are drop downs where you're able to select which variant the things you are adding are for. Just take care to make sure it is for the correct variant before saving!

[top]What does this look like?

Example 1 - Nithalos language with dialects
Example 2 - Govthan Nithalos dialect page (complete with vocabulary comparison examples)
Example 3 - Dialectal word entry in Seretian Nithalos.
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Please note that nobody is informed when people leave questions on system articles. If you need help, use the forums.
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@Oliver Lopez You can simply use "replace" button right above the phonology tab, next to red "purge" button.

I would also recommend you to write here as nobody receives a notification that a comment was added on the article. Plus, I guess people will help you more quickly on the help board.
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Can I copy and paste the fonology in the dialect automatically? how? because I only want to change two aspects, and I waste many time in adding all phonemes...
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Can you delete dialects?
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Can you delete dialects?
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