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Calutian Holidays
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This public article was written by astrangemann, and last updated on 27 Oct 2019, 19:03.

[comments] Calutia has its own traditional holidays that are weird and wonderfully unique in their own ways.

January 26th: Day of the Prime Minister - Son Tśinteos Sin
Celebrating the shift from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy and the inauguration of the first prime minister, this day involves shooting cannon straight in the air, drinking until midnight, and dancing. The day starts with cannons firing at 11 AM, telling people to go to their town square for a big feast. After the feast is when people start drinking, dancing, and smoking weed. Basically like Calutian Independence Day but with more marijuana.

March 15th: New Year's Day - Atśádewo Dińés Sin
March 15th, in the Calutian calendar, is the day the year starts, and also the day when spring starts. People get up at 11:30 PM on March 14th and go to the center of town or other big communal area, count down until midnight, and celebrate with fireworks and marijuana. These people get high as the mountaintops and exhale cumulonimbus clouds (in a figurative sense) once it gets to 12:00 AM of the next day. Until about 5:00 AM, people get stoned or drunk with whatever alcohol they can take.

April 1st: Fertility Day - Sin e Askurak
This is a day all about valentines and having sexual intercourse. Well, specifically, valentines for children, and sexual intercourse for adults. During this day, children send each other valentines and maybe love notes, and adults have dirty, unprotected, love making, promoting the growth of the population.

June 9th: Calutian Independence Day - Kaluśen Sin e Érinsadt
Celebrating the beginning of the reign of the Śan Dynasty, this day is filled with getting blackout drunk, dancing (sometimes drunk), cannon shots, and fireworks. People tend to gather their families and friends, or sometimes even complete strangers, as they commence with a really big feast and fun activities for the kiddos. At precisely 5:15 PM, the time what is believed to be when the Śan Dynasty began its rule, a cannon pointing straight up is shot, and it's considered by lore that if that cannonball lands close to you or one of your family members, your family is blessed with good fortune for a year. As soon as it gets dark, there is when people start getting drunk, set off fireworks, and dance. It all ends at the break of dawn, where people are expected to leave.

August 1st: Day of the Chalice - Sin e Anijuńy
This day is a day of decorating and drinking. Starting at the beginning of the day and throughout the afternoon, children paint, embroider, or make their own chalices, sometimes with the help of parents or other adults. As the day slowly turns to night, the adults take the chalices that their children have decorated or made, get together and throw parties, and get drunk out of their children's chalices. Once drunk enough, the adults go and get presents for their children, as random as they may be, for the children to open up next morning. That proceeding morning, a great breakfast occurs among every young soul and hungover parent.

September 20th: Worker's Day - Tidtanars Sin
This day serves as a day off from work for all the persons working jobs, as a day to appreciate the hard work of them, and also as a day off from school. As the whole week this day takes place on the calendar on is celebrated, people are legally allowed to not attend their jobs or school, in favor of their holiday.

December 1st: Youth Day - Sin e Wozéŋ
Youth Day celebrates children and the population of people under the age of 18. On this day, school is out for children to spend time with their families and open presents their parents had given them.
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