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Lesson #1 sounds
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sounds in zygiligleth
This public article was written by asdrop, and last updated on 3 Sep 2016, 01:37.

This article has been marked as out of date. There's a possibility that some information is incorrect.
This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

hello and welcome to pimsleurs guide to zygiligleth in the next few lessons you
will learn the sounds and grammar of zygiligleth

lesson one


a can be pronounced as ä or /a/ but it's mostly used as /a/ like in father

b is pronounced as b b in japanese

d is pronounced as d like in da

e can be pronounced as e but it's mostly pronounced as the e in japanese

f can be pronounced as ɸ but its mostly used as /ɸ/ like fu in japanese

g can be pronounced as g but it's used mostly as /g/ no j sounding g's

h is pronounced as ɦ like in hip

i is pronounced as i lik i in japanese

j can be pronounced as d͡ʒ or /d͡ʒ/ or /d͡ʑ̟/ but it's mostly used as /d͡ʒ/ like in jump

k is pronounced as k

now kh is another way of saying ch and it's pronounced the same as well ʈɕ

khi is another way of saying chi and its pronounced the same as well ʈʃi

l can be pronounced as l but it's mostly used as/l/

m can be pronounced as m but it's mostly pronounced as /ə̄/

n can be pronounced as n or /n̟/ but it's mostly used as /n̟/

o is pronounced as o

p can be pronounced as p̪ or /p̪/ or /p/ but it's mostly pronounced as /p/

r is pronounced as ɽ̰

s can be pronounced as s or /s/ but it's mostly pronounced as /s/

t is pronounced as t

u is pronounced as u

v is pronounced as ɟ

w is pronounced as ɰ

y is pronounced as y

z is pronounced as z

here are some other sounds that are in zygiligleth
like the sound äɛ which is pronounced a-e
and oɛ which is pronounced o-e

but sounds like å * êno *no and ę *
are barely used in the languanguage

empty sounds like õ and û are just filler letters
and in the next lesson we will learn grammar
Comments (4)
[link] [quote] 17-Aug-16 20:45
🚫Anime Was A Mistake
christian moms against degenerate chinese cartoons
Could you link the recording? If you linked ot before, it's not working. Use this:
<a=put the link here>put some text here</a>
[link] [quote] 13-Aug-16 17:34
zygiligleth language chat
this is all about zygiligleth
@DV82LECM yeah uhh i guess ,it's a thing of me saying first time but i already have a recording on here ku
but seriously its me speaking the language ,but thought you where done but nope well yeah i might make a ,recording of me singing in the ,language i wasn't really going to do one but i guess i will, because you asked for it you really are like the type that want to change the language from what the creator ,originally wanted thats why volapük failed but this is not that okay but if you know ,something i don't tell me but don't tell me i don't take this seriously ,or to force someone to speak their language. their might be things you may not agree with but sometimes you just have to let the person be okay
[link] [quote] 13-Aug-16 16:43
ÄNatural Languages
For those who study natural languages - so probably everyone
 Jute [STAFF]  
Be nice, @DV82LECM

Everyone is here to have fun, right? :) And possibly for constructive criticism. But questioning someone's seriousness or abilities is neither really constructive, fun or nice.

Some people do this for fun and don't have anything serious in mind. Some people don't know what they are doing, but might be trying to learn or have fun regardless. Some languages are also not meant to be spoken, or at least not by humans. Any or none of these might apply here, and nothing would have to make you react so rudely.
And as said, being serious isn't even a requirement here.
[link] [quote] 13-Aug-16 16:23
CWS Conlanger
Okay, I will ask this ONE LAST TIME. How is it possible that /ȴ̪͆̌/ be an allophone of /g/? Or many of the phonemes that you attest? I have never meant to seem mean-spirited, but this article PROVED you really don't take this seriously, or know what you are even doing. Your phonemes are IMPOSSIBLE! Honestly, I demand a sound file of your language spoken. Otherwise, you can't ever be taken seriously.
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