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Relative Clause
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Formation of Relative Clause
This public article was written by theotheo, and last updated on 6 Aug 2018, 09:35.

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Like English, Cazenian can form relative clause. Here's some example:
  • (ede) (in) (can'onz), (raz) (mog) (ag).ede in can'onz, raz mog ag.

  • he has a dog that I like.

  • (lene) (in), (za) (guse) (uqane), (gnemz).lene in, za guse uqane, gnemz.

  • she, who likes learning, is reading a book.

  • (humm) (las) (bar), (als) (ed'e) (cultacarez) (taste).Humm las bar, als ed'e cultacarez taste.

  • Humm is a villiage, where there are many wise men.


      First of all, you need two sentences. for instance:
      lyub ag moga. cave in oyghe prighi.
      I love Moga. She has beautiful eyes.

      Then change the pronoun into corresponding relative pronouns, which is same as definite article except artificial class (see note). Pay attention to its class and case!
      In this example, "she" is a feminine class pronoun in nominative case. Thus, it is changed into "ze"
      lyub ag moga. cave ze oyghe prighi.

      Afterwards, put the relative particle before the sentence and put the conjugated verb to the second position.
      lyub ag moga. ze cave oyghe prighi.

      Finally, put the relative clause after the noun it related to. Use pause mark(s) to separate them from the main clause.
      lyub ag moga, ze cave oyghe prighi.

the relative particles of artificial class is different than the definite article.

[top]Other Examples

blündechemes, al ebnas'altem ag, la poyleng.
(blündechemes), (al) (ebnas'altem) (ag), (la) (poyleng).
Whitewoods, where I was born, is terrible.

vöte vanad, zag taltem maz dön, vend.
(vöte) (vanad), (zag) (taltem) (az) (dön), (vend).
Vanad, whom I gave food to, becomes sick.

la n'as, lan žul ebtavast, man.
(la) (n'as), (lan) (žul) (ebtavast), (man).
The cat, whose leg is injured, is mine.

taltem maz tile stac, lasv der ag ecz, ing.
(taltem) (maz) (tile) (stac), (lasv) (der) (ag) (ecz), (ing).
I gave the pen, that I usually write with, to him.

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