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Writing Basgitian In The Jawi Script
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!تيءݢوݢاو سيئ
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[edit] [top]Letters

In certain countries that speak  Basgitian, the Jawi script is employed instead of the standard Basgitian romanisation or the Ixátáxis script (article pending). The corresponding Latin and Jawi letters are shown below:

Bb = ب
Gg = ݢ
Hh = ه
Pp = ڤ
Ss = س
Tt = ت
Xx = ء

The vowels are:

Aa = ا
Áá = و
Ii = ي

[edit] [top]Examples of Basgitian Jawi In Use

Do not sleep.

I eat an apple.

.تيتاتوءوݢ ڤائ
Titatáxág paxi.
I will start to sleep later.
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