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Tirina Font Design
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Some thoughts on designing a font for Tirina, because I have too much time on my hands.
This public article was written by alynnidalar, and last updated on 16 Apr 2016, 23:27.

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As with any script, the Tirina script has many repeated elements. Tirina-speaking font designers have specific terminology to refer to several of these elements.

The arc seen in the characters n t is referred to as the ir hari 'semicircle, arc'. A similar element is rotated 90 degrees right or left in s k e and, to some designers, the top of d. The rotated version is called risanel ir hari 'rotated arc'.

The crossbar seen in f l k m e j i o and in rotated form in s a is referred to as the kol 'crossbar'.

The "hook" in f p y j is called the suil 'wing'. Some designers refer to the suil on y and j as risanel suil 'rotated wing', but the terminology is not ubiquitous.

Straight vertical lines, found in many characters, including f m p r y h j o and arguably e i, are simply called kerun 'line' or kerun sa'kereol. The shorter vertical line on e is sometimes called a ir kerun 'half line' (a's crossbar is sometimes referred to with this term as well)

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