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Iadraja: Moods and Aspects
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Mood particles and Verb Aspects
This public article was written by Yathid, and last updated on 28 Aug 2017, 02:11.

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This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

Verbs in Iadraja are very tricky! Not only do they conjugate to 10 Tenses, but you must also remember the moods and aspects that they conjugate to as well. Here is the moods and aspects being used:


We'll use the verb Убаць= to go. In the first person singular.

  • The Indicative mood : Ис убаю = I go
  • The Subjective mood: Ис до убадя = If I go, Were I to go(-ць = -дя)
  • The Conditional mood: Ис би убачни = I would go(-ць = -чни)
  • The Imperative mood: Убати! = Go!(-ць = -ти)(This is a more rough way of commanding someone)
  • The Potential mood: Ис ли убалдѐ = I should go, I ought to go, I may go, I could go(-ць = -лдѐ)
  • The Optative mood: Убатѣю = Go!(-ць = -ѣю)(This is a more polite way of commanding someone, however ironicly it can be used in some very harsh language)

Something to note is that the verb doesn't conjugate with the subject. So for example: убачни is the same regardless of who is doing the action; however, the particle next to the verb does change. The particle conjugates not the verb. Here is the endings for them( The endings on the particle listed is true for the other mood particles as well)
  • Ис би убачни
  • Си бис убачни
  • Ам бит убачни
  • Нин бин убачни
  • Фи биф убачни
  • Ви бив убачни
  • Ами бим убачни


  • The Imperfective: Ис убаю = I go
  • The Perfective: Ис убатѐ = I have gone (completed)(note: add to the end if in past tense, if in future)
  • The Progressive: Ис убаим = I am going (Imperfective)

To form a perfect verb, replace '-ць' with '-тѐ' So Убаць becomes Убатѐ. Also the perfective doesn't conjugate with the subject doing the action, so you might need to keep the pronoun/noun there to avoid being vague.


Well here are some examples of the moods and aspects being used in Iadraja!
  • Бим убачни Свитренака, ноль амѐ ряди ни удаюм! = They would go to Switzerland, but they have no money!
  • Си дос убадя; ис сѐ чуяжера! = If you go, I'll leave you!
  • Нин лин веделдѐ Лѐθусвя са ножам химедам! = We may/should see Lithuania with our family!

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