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LexiBuild: Adding a new set
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Menu 1. The process 2. Set name 3. Set group(s) 4. Set contents

So you've decided that you want to add a new set to LexiBuild. There are a few things you need to consider before you complete the form and submit the information:
  1. Are the words in the set somehow related?
  2. Has a similar set already been added?
  3. Do I have enough vocabulary to really constitute a set?

[top]The process

Firstly, you need to complete the form with all the set details and click save. After this, the set will be saved, but be set to an 'incomplete' status.

A button will appear in your quick menu bar, and an additional message displayed on the LexiBuild browser to show that you have an incomplete set. Click either of these to be taken to the set match page.

Once the entire set has been matched with WordLink entries, it will be complete and be available for use by you and other members.

[top]Set name

It is important when chosing a set name to chose something short and to the point - that is, something that relates to what the set contains. For example, if your set lists types of large mammals, then simply name is 'Large Mammals'. It is also important to note that this field is one that requires validation. The set name must be unique, and when the field turns green, you can be sure that the name hasn't already been used. It helps to also do a quick search first.

[top]Set group(s)

You can chose as many of these as you like - choose all those that are relevant to your new set. You can select mulitple by holding shift on your keyboard as you select these. A mimumum of one set must be chosen.

[top]Set contents

This is the list of vocabulary you wish to use in your set. Please enter each word on a new line. Once you save the set, the words you have entered in this field will be broken up and you will need to match these using the set matching page. A button will also be shown in your quick menu (the menu on the left) to indicate that the set is incomplete due to not being matched yet.
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