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Lesson 2c
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Advanced Consonants - End
This public article was written by Cirton Historian, and last updated on 13 Sep 2020, 13:17.

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This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

Remember Lesson 1c where we saw some advanced consonants?
Well, now it's time to learn all of them!

Advanced Consonants

Consonant IPA Basic Meaning
cq /z/ Implicitness
nq /m/ Nature
tq /d/ Time
rq /r/ Causation
sq /ʒ/ Group
hq /ʁ/ Order
kq /g/ Learn
fq /v/ Necessity
zq /d͡z/ Whole
vq /ð/ Result

Knowing these words, our vocabulary is expanded greatly.
Here are some words we can make:

CTX Word IPA Meaning
hjqjsq /ʁaʒa/ Law
hqmc /ʁasɐ̆/ Valid / Reasonable
tqui0 /dɯɨ/ Eternity
tqu /'du/ Never
cjzq /sad͡za/ Correct / Of course
sjqjta0 /ʒatʌ/ Family
fjqjfimc /vafisɐ̆/ Fair
nqi0 /mɨ/ Reality
[email protected] /d͡za'ɨɾɐ̆/ Deal with
rjzqw /ɾad͡zʷa/ Mistake
[email protected] /rad͡za'ɨ/ Manage
sjqjzq /ʒad͡za/ Society

aaand that'll be all for now!
There's just so much we can do with those consonants alone, but I'm trying to keep the lessons small and easy to digest, so for more words we'll have to wait for a proper dictionary linked here.
Thank you a lot for reading!


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