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Nayuan particle structure!
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Behavior of particles in Nayuan
This public article was written by merikare, and last updated on 19 Jan 2018, 15:11.

PARTICLES IN NAYUAN | kesi lo nayu daŋ

In Nayuan, particles behave slightly differently than in other languages. In short, they are:

  • Only two letters (a consonant and a vowel, in no specific order), and
  • are reversed at the end of the clause.

For example, take the particle ra ra, used to indicate a subordinate clause. The sentence "I have a dog that speaks Nayuan" would be written like so, with the particle highlighted in yellow:
e laku ra nayu daŋ serir ar er.
Notice that ra has been reversed to ar at the end of the sentence.

However, there are exceptions such as the negative particle ne ne. It is placed after a verb to negate it, and is not reversed. For example, "My dog doesn't eat" is written thusly:
lakyen kenir ne.
The verb kenir kenir is followed by ne.
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