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Greetings & Manners
This public article was written by ericham2014 on 31 Oct 2016, 03:57.

This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

[formal] 你好。Ne hou./nɛ hɔu/
[informal] 哈囉。Halo./halɔ/

Good morning.
[formal] 早上好。Zaoseoŋ hou. /t͡saɔsɛɔŋ hɔu/
[informal] 安早。Anzao. /ant͡saɔ/

Good afternoon.
[formal] 下午好。 H̋aŋu hou. /xaŋu hɔu/
[informal] 安午。Anŋu. /anŋu/

Good evening.
[formal] 晚上好。 B̋anseoŋ hou. /bansɛɔŋ hɔu/
[informal] 安晚。Anb̋an. /anban/

Good night.
[formal] 夢美夢喀。 B̋arŋ b̋ib̋ayŋ ka. /baɹŋ bibai:ŋ kʰa/ (literally means "Wish you dream sweet dreams.")
[informal] 安睏。Ankun. /anban/

請。 Čiam.

Thank you.
[formal] 多謝你噠。Doser nei da. /tɔsɛɹ nɛi ta/
[informal] 多謝。Dose. /tɔsɛ/

I'm sorry.
對無住(哪)。Doimjü (na). /tɔimt͡ɕy na/
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