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Grammatical changes
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How South Osveraali became Old Shyorian
This public article was written by Hastrica on 8 Jun 2019, 19:06. Editing of this article is shared with Osveraalists.

This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

this is really just to make the "your language is new" banner piss off

massive loss of morphology
present and past stem, future is given up
past stem and potential stem make use of the j-augment, a /j/ affix that can replace the vowel or insert itself after the first consonant
high number of irregular verbs with unpredictable stem alternations
potential stem, used for irrealis, specified more with particles
singular dual plural forms, but no person inflection (pronouns do that) - generalise 1st person forms, turning ś into a verb marker
imperative with minus morphology
verb serialisation massively expanded for aspectual characterisations. prs pst fut pcp without persons encode temporal relation. middle pcp can fuck with syntax, also passivise -> hierarchical case marking?
passive/middle marker on object of serial verb construction
bleaching of many common verbs towards auxiliaries
middle lost, lexicalised, except for a participial form used in serial constructions
negation lost, particle
conditional lost, extra word
citation form: singular present
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