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Language Distribution in Griseoculum
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Griseoculum is a melting pot of different languages created when the descendants of the original Grisians moved in from around the world. Marriages between different cultures resulted in amalgamations of different languages, with the base roots of Old Novinian, the first, sacred tongue spoken in Griseoculum. Below is an attempt at mapping out the different languages and their regions.

[edit] [top]Grisian

Spoken in the province(s) of: Novinän, Čunzål, Porulki

The direct descendant of Old Novinian, the first language of Griseoculum. Includes elements of Swedish vocabulary and grammar, as well as original Old Novinian vocab.
[edit] [top]British Grovian

Spoken in the province(s) of: Grovinän, Novinän, Sirataria

A less-used language, originally created when English merchants looking to do business needed a way to communicate with the Grisian locals.
[edit] [top]Syrralese

Spoken in the province(s) of: Sirataria, Novinän

One of the newest languages of Griseoculum. Created when East Asian settlers formed relationships with the few Old Novinian speakers found there. It is the only language spoken in Griseoculum that has different cases for nouns, as well as other unique grammar features.
[edit] [top]Old Novinian

Spoken in the province(s) of: Sirataria, Orkinpria, Mewa Nova

The ancestor of all languages in Griseoculum. Though being an ancient language, it is still kept alive by small villages and hamlets in the east of Griseoculum, with inhabitants that are usually very superstitious or hold beliefs in the Old Grisian religion. Some folk songs that are popular amongst Grisians are also written in Old Novinian.
[edit] [top]Maldovian

Spoken in the province(s) of: Maldovia

The language spoken by East Asian and Austronesian settlers in Griseoculum. Very basic grammar, largely influenced by Malay. Maldovian is spoken in the southeast and the islands in the Maldovian archipelago.
[edit] [top]Astoyakese

Spoken in the province(s) of: Astoria

A language spoken by a small population in the north of Griseoculum. Largely similar to Slavic languages, mainly Russian, with influences of Old Novinian, because of early Slavic settlers marrying with Old- to Greater-Novinian locals.
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