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Basgitian Text Slang
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lmao wtf, is2g-
This public article was written by [Deactivated User] on 17 Jun 2020, 10:28.

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Menu 1. A Note On Spelling
A list of common text slang phrases and abbreviations in  Basgitian commonly used when texting.

equivalent of virtual laughing (hahaha etc.)

lol, lmao (short for 'gixa pi gixa' laughing and laughing)

short form of 'gaá' you, equivalent to 'u', 'ur' etc.

px gsg/paxá gáság
literally 'empty head', equivalent of 'idk', also a mild insult

short for 'batá saxá abig' take my eyes, equivalent of 'ty(sm)', 'thx'

informal adjectiviser, eg. 'ábi' potato -> 'ábibb' potatoey

short for 'pigigi', literally 'think not', equivalent of 'nvm'

short for 'bitá, gax?' (exactly, right?), equivalent of 'ikr'

[edit] [top]A Note On Spelling

Commonly, when using social media or texting, the letter 'á' is replaced with @, 0, 4, or an apostrophe. Examples of words containing these are shown below:

bitá -> bit@, bit0, bit4, bit'
paxá -> pax@, pax0, pax4, pax'
ábi -> @bi, 0bi, 4bi, 'bi
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