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Diacritic Marks
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In Crystalandien, we have some diacritic marks for expressing how a word have to be told. There are acute accent, grave accent, circumflex, diaeresis and cedilla.
There aren't rules for those marks, except for cedilla in verbs.

It's the most common mark. This mark expresses a diphthong sound in the syllable. It adds an "i" sound to the vowel.
Circumflex is only used in open vowels (Ââ, Êê, Ôô). These vowels are pronounced as â= ai, ê= ei and ô= oi.

Grave accent
It's one of most common mark. This mark expresses that this letter must not be pronounced.
The grave accent can be in any letter (Àà, Èè, Ìì, Òò, Ùù).

This mark isn't too common. This mark expresses a dithphong sound in the syllabe. It adds an "u" sound before the vowel.
Diaeresis is only in two letters (Ëë, ¨Ïï). These vowels are pronounced as ë= ue and ï= ui.}

This mark is only for letter "c". This cedilla is accomplished with vowels Aa, Oo, Uu and it sounds as "s".
The cedilla has some rules in verbs with the letter "k".

Acute accent
The acute accent is only used in names. You won't find this accent in normal words, except in "Puslé".
The acute accent can be in any letter (Áá, Éé, Íí, Óó, Úú)
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