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Haspuri Sandbox
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proto-language grammar!
This public article was written by miles, and last updated on 17 Apr 2017, 20:30.

This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

The following classifiers evolved into noun class markers in Proto-Suvo-Poshumic:

tar person, human
yuqi grain, speck
nabāy couple, pair
mi ear
sānk people, folk, tribe
nusi' heap, pile

Based on the survival of affixes, there were nominative (-∅), accusative (-hān), and geninitive (-ŋī and -ŋge) cases.

And here is a rough guess estimate of how the North Wind and the Sun might've looked in the time of Haspuri. The word order and several other elements are very hypothetical, but this should help to develop the later languages:

Pitniwfū ħayke qi'u pebāl skāti mbāyna barū gāzuh,
quantifies and/or replaces nouns
wind and sun strong surpass which argue

tyū guzanqweŋ qweŋ walutar hānuq sūsxayn.
time cloth-CLOTH.CLClassifier
quantifies and/or replaces nouns
quantifies and/or replaces nouns
traveller arrive

... vibawt krwūzay ...
3PThird person plural (person)
neither speaker nor addressee, they/them
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