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4. Retenia
7. Verbs
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The flag of Retenia:
Red, white and yellow are the colors of the former kingdom of Antaria.
The emblem in the middle is the sun of Dayaru.

National motto:
あねエタン, げねエてねエタ, ひらず
Antsay, Gententsa, Hirazu
Peace, Homeland, Prosperity


Link article: Main historical dates

Prehistory and Proto-History

The Retenian territory is inhabited since the prehistory and they are numerous archeological remains.

The Aratti culture existed between the 3rd millenium BC and the 2nd millenium BC in the alluvial plain of the Nimarra, Mitari and Nara rivers in central Retenia. It's one of the most emblematic cultures of the prehistoric Retenia because it's the only Pre-Retenian culture that developped a complex farming society. They also developped a proto writing system.

Others important neolitic cultures were the Crenellated ceramic bowl culture (CCBC) at South and the Sugaic culture at East.

Proto-Retenians populations arrive during the 2nd millenium BC, they belong to the Indo-Europeans that migrated to west before the Proto-Italics and Proto-Celts.


The Retenian Bronze Age corresponds to the Atlantic Bronze Age and Begin towards 1300 BC, this period corresponds to the legendary unification of the seven retenian kingdoms by Queen Amaradakhata, that founded the Amarenu Dynasty. Although it is almost certain that Amaradakhata really existed, the circumstances of the unification and the exact date (1392 BC to 1386 BC) are more pertaining to the legend. Also the existence of the seven kingdoms is not really proven. It is certain that some organised city-states raised since approximatively 1500 BC in the central plain but their exact number is uncertain.
Amaradakhata is very important figure in the retenian culture and she is considered as the founder of Retenia and Retenian folk often attribute divine origin to her.







Retenia has a population of 106 457 000 inhabitants and a density of population of 149 inhabitants/Km² but they are several variations into the country.


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