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Yachiroese Basics - Lesson #1
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By the National Ministry for the Yachiroese Language
This public article was written by Arryog, and last updated on 23 May 2019, 05:16.

[comments] Menu 1. Introduction 2. The Romanization
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Ô Vá Yàcharo

The Yachiroese Language

Welcome comrade, to the National Ministry for the Yachiroese Language (NMYL)'s official lesson plan for learning the most widely spoken tongue in our great nation of Yachiro. In this lesson, you will learn our romanization, as well as some basic phrases, and the grammar behind them.

[top]The Romanization

While the Yachiroese Language does have a native writing system, we shall forgo that for now and return to it at another time. The Yachiroese Romanization uses 34 letters, and while that may seem like a lot, most of those are simply tone markings, as Yachiroese is a tonal language.

Yachiroese RomanizationIPA and English equivalent
IPA - /á/ no real equivalent in English, but similar to the a in English maw
IPA - /ǎ/ same pronunciation as last, but lower and raise the pitch of your voice while saying it
IPA - /à/ again, same pronunciation as < a >, but with a lower pitch of your voice
IPA - /â/ I'll assume you know vowels with diacritics have the same pronunciation as the plain one now. Pronounce this one with a high and then low pitch of voice.
IPA - /t͡ʃ/ like the ch in English check
IPA - /é/ like the ay in okay
é, è, ê
IPA - /ě/ /è/ /ê/ rising, low, and falling tones. Simply refer back to /a/ for how to do these tones
IPA - /ɸ/ no equivalent sound in English, to make it, position your mouth as if to make an "f" sound, but instead, don't let your teeth touch your lip, and simply blow.
IPA - /x/ no equivalent in English, same sound as the ch in German Bach or in Scottish loch.
IPA - /í/ similar to the "ee" in English sheet
í, ì, î
IPA - /ǐ/ /ì/ /î/ rising, low, and falling tones. Simply refer back to /a/ for how to do these tones

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