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This public article was written by jhstudios9 on 14 Dec 2019, 04:49.

This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

Most of my content is on @tawecian.colang on instagram, but here's a short introduction.

English: Tawecian

Tawecian: Tancetwa

Spoken mainly in Amhonduwa, a large country containing 20 provinces, and spanning from the mountains in the northwest, to the coast of the southeast.
The language draws influence from Russian, Turkish, Swahili, and French, but also is heavily rooted in the culture of the country.
I have been constructing this language for over a year, and will be using this page to post about the language, content in the language, and fun translation examples.

Tarıhō ekō onsni amıtamcondō, mıt ašt dı hezıdē ıtšemıtsı 20, e dı henesō amadcondōsı ganazōl, abiw conaman.
Tance sinrıho amrōšiya, amtōrıkiya, amsıwaciliya, eyamfıranısiya, ma wonyesrıho ciga arawetwa ammıt.
Waltıha ataka kaqi kō, tance kō, egewinıha ıtkōmbākka kō donıs hesonyı amtance, hape amtance, ewengakka gala.
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