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Morphosyntax of Old/Classical Sitr
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Word Order
- Basic Word Order: Subject-Object-Verb(SOV)
- Adpositions are postpositions
- Adjectives, demonstratives, numerals, possessors, relative clauses precede the noun they modify; adverbs precede the word they modify.



Relative Clause
Classical Sitr uses the gap strategy to form relative clauses. The head of the relative clause is omitted in the relative clause, and nouns of all non-relativized thematic roles in the relative clause are marked in a way same to the main clause:

Other Clauses


Reported Speech

Classical Sitr is a split-ergative language, it exhibits an ergative–absolutive pattern with respect to case marking, but a nominative–accusative pattern with respect to agreement. That is, the personal agreement of Sitr language agrees with both of the transitive subject and the intransitive subject, not with both of the transitive object and the intransitive subject as expected in pure ergative languages.




Verbs conjugate according to persons and tense-aspect-mood, personal agreement suffixes follow tense-aspect-mood suffixes

Personal agreement suffixes: -k -d -Ø -kam -dem -m

Tense-aspect-mood suffixes:
-present: -a(becomes -aa in 3rd singular form)
-past: -da
-adverbial: -na
-desiderative: -che
-conditional: -ka
adjectives can conjugate like verbs, the personal agreements are the same, but the tense-aspect-mood conjugation is different:

-present: -i
-past: -ya
-adverbial: -a-na
-desiderative: (adverbial form) + (the desiderative form of yowaa "to become")
-conditional: (adverbial form) + (the conditional form of yowaa "to become")
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