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some verb prefixes in Bodin
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This public article was written by pachelbel, and last updated on 13 May 2019, 17:49.

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An "anti-reflexive" prefix for verbs. it's easier to give examples than to explain tbh:
  • pinkhe - to drink vs. tupinkhe - to water (a plant or animal)
  • shichar - to eat vs. tushichar - to feed
  • cuspir - to spread (itself) out, to extend (to some length) vs. tucuspir - to spread something out, to extend something
  • boshpi - to fly (oneself) vs. tuboshpi - to fly (a vehicle)
  • bikhra - to be born vs. tubikhra - to reproduce
  • bikhe - to start (itself), to begin (existing) vs. tubikhe - to start something, to begin doing something

A "reversal" prefix for verbs. the object does the verb to the subject instead of the other way around. often used for emotion verbs. again, examples:
  • tepir - to fear vs. pitepir - to scare
  • pokhonir - to be angry at vs. pipokhonir - to make angry, to anger
  • khanoi - to be bored vs. pikhanoi - to bore, to be boring

"Pi" can also be used on emotional adjectives to the same effect:
  • tepin - afraid vs. pitepin - scary
  • pokhon - angry vs. pipokhon - outrageous
  • khanoin - bored vs. pikhanoin - boring

And with emotional adverbs to change them from a descriptor of the verb to a reaction to the sentence:
  • cadrini - in a sad way ("she smiled sadly") vs. picadrini - saddeningly ("sadly, she couldn't go")
  • masannani - in an unlucky manner ("he lived unluckily") vs. pimasannani - unfortunately ("unfortunately, he lived")

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