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This public article was written by Yrieix Groulx, and last updated on 29 Jul 2018, 18:42. Editing of this article is shared with Argeyaz Bay.

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I originally planned for mood suffixes but ended up dropping it just because the verbs I was getting were so bulky. Negative and potential caree marked by particles before the verb which also function as conjunctions (at least in a list, not sure about between phrases/sentences; maybe they could be partly reduplicated (aq/aqa, ur/uru, ef/efe)

These are the suffixes in the order that they appear on the verb.


The vowel in the number suffix matches the one in the person suffix (so e, u, or a), the vowel in the aspect suffix matches the one in the tense suffix (ä or i).
I would say that things can be left out as needed, but that plural is only marked if person is marked, and aspect is only marked when tense is marked.

For Classical Algaz, the non-past splits into an unmarked present and a future marked with the suffix. Old Hemeshi maintains just the two tenses, both marked.
Old Hemeshi loses the imperfective suffix, replaced by reduplication of part of the verb's initial syllable; in Algaz, it merges with the tense suffixes.

hear-REFLReflexive (valency)
argument acts on itself
-IPFVImperfective (aspect)
'interrupted or incomplete'
-NPSTNon-past (tense)
present, continuous and future
-2Second person (person)
addressee (you)
-PLPlural (number)
more than one/few

you guys are/will be hearing yourselves

speak-PASSPassive voice (valency)
be verb-ed
action occurred before moment of speech
-3Third person (person)
neither speaker nor addressee

it was said

(iz) räṃiʔän(ä)r amuʔiyitem
(1SFirst person singular (person)
speaker, signer, etc.; I
.NOMNominative (case)
TRANS subject, INTR argument
) leaf-PLPlural (number)
more than one/few
-ACCAccusative (case)
TRANS direct object; patient
eat-IPFVImperfective (aspect)
'interrupted or incomplete'
-NPSTNon-past (tense)
present, continuous and future
-1First person (person)
speaker, signer, etc; I

I am eating leaves

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