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Tasaqi Mora and Timing
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A description of the mora timing system in Tasaqi
This public article was written by IcyShadow, and last updated on 29 Jun 2017, 21:29.

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[top]Definition of Mora in Tasaqi

Mora is a concept present in some languages that is based on how much time each word is audibly pronounced for. Each syllable has one or more mora to it, and each mora added increase the length by a certain amount. There are basic rules to figure out the number of mora.

1. Each single consonant counts for zero mora
2. Each vowel counts for one mora
3. Each long vowel counts for two mora
4. Each consonant coda (approximant or nasal) adds one mora
5. Each approximant onset (only from loanwords) adds one mora
6. Each geminate consonant adds one mora


ni "1.SG clitic"
1 mora

ii "conjunction"
2 mora

kaN "eat"
2 mora

ruuN "too much"
3 mora

inna "country"
3 mora

haja "adult"
2 mora

3 mora

pekuuN "fish"
4 mora

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