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I Love You Project
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I love you: conlang style
This public article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 1 Sep 2015, 12:52.

[comments] Menu 1. "I Love You" Project
[top]"I Love You" Project
It is currently an ongoing project to bring love to CWS! The project is a collection of the phrase "I love you" (or whatever the equivalent) in various conlangs. The final collection will be presented in an infographic style, detailing the name of the conlang and the phrase, the author, the native script (if present), and a phonetic transcription of the phrase.

You can click here to see the original thread.

The final product:
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In Codic:

Between Friends

Between Family

Between Lovers
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In  Aquihian (old)
Athle athii tai.
atlɜ aθɪ: taj
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In Syunga:
kɑɾ bɾe
/kɑɾ bɾe/
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In Shaelic:
* Man speaking to a woman (or woman to woman):
Ðei rase
/ði 'rɑseɪ/

* Woman speaking to a man (or man to man)
Ðae rase
/'ðeɪ rɑseɪ/

Short forms are in common use:
* Man speaking to a woman (or woman to woman)

* Woman speaking to a man (or man to man)
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In Gervenian:

Jig älskårre dä!
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In Emshrig:

íûun ahóra orob
/ji'wu:n ax'wira or'ob/

2ps.ACC 1ps.NOM love
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In Tsëmi:
Amorè sa [amoræ̃ sa] (informal)
Amorè y sa [amoræ̃ i sa] (formal)
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in zygiligleth it's:

so mate dasu
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In Ma Lald it's usually:

Li bacd.

/li: batʃd/

You.ACC heart.NOM
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