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The Cere:niŋei People
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A Brief Description of their Society
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In many ways, the Cere:niŋei people were much like us. They lived in great cities, millions of people strong. They used cars, and computers, and "modern" medicine. Unlike what many may assume of speakers of a proto-language, the Cere:niŋei lived in a "modern" society.

Even with these similarities, Cere:niŋei society was not a perfect image of our society. The Cere:niŋei lived in what we would call a militaristic civilisation. They sought technological development for the advancement of their weaponry first and foremost, always striving to be the most powerful of all.

This effort was justified with their religion. The Cere:niŋei believed in many, many gods, but none as prevalent as the Goddess of Victory and Prosperity, Te:liteɂana:. Her power stemmed from victory in battle, and from the military strength of the Cere:niŋei. She ensured the prosperity and longevity of their society, as long as she was kept in good health and maintained her power.

Thus, the Cere:niŋei subdued many nations and peoples. Only a few could keep up with the military strength of the Cere:niŋei, but with the onset of weapons powerful enough to capture the energy of a burning star, only a few could destroy society as it was known.
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