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PANEL Correspondences
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bc I'm not reconstructing a full lang ← THAT WAS A LIE
This public article was written by severy, and last updated on 24 Aug 2019, 02:16.

[comments] Menu 1. Phonology 2. Animacy 3. Culture
This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

A somewhat official, somewhat "in-universe hypotheses," somewhat half-assed decisions about what the proto-form of the Proto Adzo-NEviric-Lahiri (PANEL) language might've looked like. There's a better version of this on a spreadsheet here.

  • Animacy-based Hierarchical Alignment
  • Probably Direct-inverse
  • Relatively isolating & analytic, lots of particles & clitics
    • Little to no agreement
  • Tense and spatial deixis?
    • Probably only two-way tense distinction
    • Few or no grammaticalized moods, aspects
  • Relatively complex animacy hierarchy
    • Classifiers for counting ("expands" animacy hierarchy)
    • SG-PL-COLL?
  • Adzo-Neviric is a sub-branch, more closely related to each other than to Lahiri
  • PANEL is also, possibly, related to Q'eb under the Ekuo-Lahiri family, but, like, distantly



Stopp bt dk g

Rough correspondences
e oi u=
*ɨ:i ui: u:ɨ̰
ə Øɛ=
*ə:e o əɛ:ə̰
*aə aɑ=
*m=w n
*nn ʔn ʔ '=
*p=p ɸ
*bɸbb β
*t=t t'=
*dθθ dd z
*kk qk k'=
*gk x ħg xx w
*ss ʃ=s z
*hh ʔ ħʔ h xx h Ø
*jj i=
*ww u=

Should probably be lots of split conditions and some cluster changes but gives a general idea yee-haw


(order for Proto and Neviric both WIP)

3BirdsAnimalAnimateH. Animal?
4Big animalsModerateImpactfulL. Animal?
5Med. animalsInstrumentImmaterialModerate?
6Small animal
8Big plantsInanimateDegenerateInanimate?
9Small plantsUncouth?

Proposed Proto System (ordering up to slight modification):
  • Higher: High deities, sentient adults
  • Lower: Spirits, minor deities, children, sentient nonhumans?
  • Higher animals: Animals that are big, flying, or clever
  • Lower animals: Animals that are small, crawling, or dumb
  • Moderate: Abstracts, liquids, particulates, some softer solids, weather?
  • Instrument: Tools, limbs?, systems (religion language)
  • Natural: Plants, non-limb body parts, food? weather?
  • Inanimate: Geography, rocks, travelling stuff, buildings
  • Uncouth: Dead shit, death itself, void, diseases

Changes : these historices/synchronics indicate overall trends, many exceptions exist. These changes involve both restructuring the hierarchy and reassigning nouns within it. Many nouns would simply be switched to a different category based on semantics, while others 'stay behind' becoming "semantic irregulars," and yet more would 'stay behind' and then undergo a semantic shift to a new meaning more appropriate within their class )a new word for the old concept, in its newly appropriate category, would need to be coined) ; and, finally, some words might shift due to sound changes making them appear to belong to a different class.

Mergers are simple; choose one of the two morphological paradigms (probably the higher animacy or the most phonetically sound markers). Splits (mostly in Lahiri) are harder, but probably involve the grammaticalization of classifiers which were probably present in Panel.

Lahiri changes
  1. Higher { =1 Sacred ↓2 Sentient (adults)
  2. Lower { ↑1 Sacred =2 Sentient ↓3 Flying
  3. H. An. { =3 Flying ↓45 Big, Medium (children)
  4. L. An. { =456 Big, Medium, Small ↓13 Parasite
  5. Moderate =7
  6. Instrument {↑7 Moderate (limbs) ↓10 Constructs
  7. Natural { =89/0 Trees, Plants, Landscape ↓↓11 Bugs
  8. Inanimate { ↑10 Constructs =11/2 Landscape, Inanimate
  9. Uncouth { ↑7 Moderate (corpses) =13 Parasite

Adzamic changes
  1. Higher { ↓2 Sacred =1 Sentient
  2. Lower { =2 Sacred ↑1 Sentient
  3. H. An. =3 Animal
  4. L. An. =3 Animal
  5. Moderate =4
  6. Instrument =5
  7. Natural =6
  8. Inanimate { =78 Location, Inanimate
  9. Uncouth } ↑8 Inanimate

Neviric changes
  1. Higher { ↓2 Sacred =1 Sentient
  2. Lower { =2 Sacred ↑1 Sentient ↓3/4 Animate/Impactful (spirits)
  3. H. An. =3 Animate
  4. L. An. =3 Animate ↓7 Degenerate
  5. Moderate { ↑3 Animate (forces of nature) ↓5 Immaterial ↓7 Degenerate
  6. Instrument ↑4 Impactful
  7. Natural =6
  8. Inanimate { =67 Natural, Location
  9. Uncouth =7 Degenerate


  • Gender
    • Definitively not binary
      • masculine~warrior, hard labour?
      • feminine~domestic work, property ownership?
      • other(s)~religious, nurturer, arts?
    • ((Tuyan gender system could derive from PANEL or PSJ or a mix))
  • Religion
    • Major and minor deities
    • Adz: correspondence between 4-5 genders and 4-5 major deities
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