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Lesson 3a
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Vowel Alteration - Potentiality
This public article was written by Cirton Historian, and last updated on 22 May 2020, 20:32.

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This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

In English, we use words such as "can", "may", "might" to express possibility, and we may even use "able" as a suffix or an adjective for a similar end...
In Cirtunese, however, most of these meanings can be expressed by modifying words with da9- /ã/ or [Vowel] + [Nasaliser].

Let's compare:
c. /sa/ Existence.
ca9. /sã/ Possibility.

cmr. /saːɾɐ̆/ Exist.
ca9mr. /sãːɾɐ̆/ May exist.

cmN np. /san̩ pʰa/ There is water
ca9mN np. /sãn̩ pʰa/ There may be water

hjfmr bqbcdye. /χafaɾɐ̆ zɐ̆ jɛ/ I like you
hjfa9mr bqbcdye. /χafãɾɐ̆ zɐ̆ jɛ/ I may like you

he2mr bqbchjc. /χa'ɛɾɐ̆ zɐ̆ χasa/ I tell the name
he9[email protected] bqbchjc. /χa'ɛ̃ɾɐ̆ zɐ̆ χasa/ I may tell the name

The idea is just that simple.
We could make more complex examples by using verbs in different tenses, but for now these examples will suffice.
Thanks for sticking around!


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