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Grammatical Categories in Tiengin
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This public article was written by Echethesi, and last updated on 31 Dec 2017, 21:27.

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Tiengin nouns come in one of two genders, which are arbitrary in nature (i.e. they do not correlate with natural gender). These genders are named 'sharp' and 'dull,' as an homage to the importance of blades in Tiengic culture and in reference to some of the common characteristics of nouns in each class.

Tiengin nouns can be declined into nominative, genitive, dative, instrumental, ablative, adessive, allative, and a marginal accusative case. The accusative case, apart from a handful of irregular words, is mostly only marked on a noun's dependents.


Tiengin verbs come in five classes, which are broadly semantic in nature. These classes include verbs of mental states, of creation, of destruction, of motion, and of {tbd}. Each class has its own conjugation pattern. Verbs of each class may be transitive or intransitive.

Tiengin verbs conjugate for tense and aspect. There are only two tenses: past and non-past. Additionally there are 4 (or 6?) aspects, which include perfective, imperfective, momentane, and durative (and inchoative, terminative?).

Tiengin has five moods which verbs may be marked for. These include the unmarked indicative, the conditional, optative, hypothetical, and the imperative/jussive. Moods are marked not by direct inflection of the verb itself but by proclitics.

Tiengin verbs agree with both their subject and their object, if there is one. Verbs agree with subjects for number and person (and gender?), while they agree with objects only for number (and/or gender?).

Negated verbs in Tiengin do not inflect further for tense or aspect. They do however still inflect for agreement.
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