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Deinau ortography
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How to use diacritics n more
This public article was written by xroooox, and last updated on 16 Feb 2017, 16:06.

[comments] Menu 1. The middle dot 2. The apostrophe 3. A note on retroflex consonants ŧ, đ, ź and z
This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

[top]The middle dot

This is used to mark that a word's vowels are all front. If a word doesn't have a dot then all the vowels are back. It is mostly used at the right of the word, but may appear in between in compounds since the different roots retain their front-back value.

[top]The apostrophe

This is used only in compounds, if the first element has front vowels and the second one back, as in the language's name, ·Ŋladáa'naa /ŋlæ̀ˈtǽɪ̯nɑ́ʊ̯/

[top]A note on retroflex consonants ŧ, đ, ź and z

Since words also have coronal harmony retroflexion is only indicated once, by the first consonant th the left. The exceptions are some compounds (not all) that don't have coronal harmony.

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