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Other consonants
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Other consonants
This public article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 2 Jan 2019, 22:13.

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4. Hooks ? ?
10. Trills ? ?
C, pronounced /t͡ʃ/ AIO: [⍰]
X, pronounced /ʃ/ AIO: [◰] or [⊿]
bp, pronounced /ʘ/ or /ǁ/ AIO: [⍰]
Q, pronounced /k͡ʒ/ or just /ʒ/ AIO: [⍰]

C is like the ch in chair
X is like sh in she
Bp (bilabial click) is a click sound that can be made by imitating a ‘’kiss’’ sound and pushing air in between your lips. It doesn’t really matter what kind of click you use but the most used in common AIO are /ʘ/ and /ǁ/
Q has two pronunciations /k͡ʒ/ and /ʒ/
It can be compared to a ‘’ch’’ sound like s in vision /vɪʒn/
With a k it is kinda like ‘’kch’’ or ‘’ksch’’

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