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Lesson 2 (Basics)
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Basic sentences
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Menu 1. Basic Sentences h. saeF mes .
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Things to Remember!
1. Arusian is a language written right to left.
2. There are no articles or basicly, words like: a, an, the, etc.
3. All verbs end in r. All Adjectives end in s or pronounce like su when ending of a word is unpronounceable.

. cev rmak ul . Latin Script: Lu kamr Vek Translation: I have a car.
. road ul . Latin Script: Lu daur Translation: I eat. "or" I drink.
. cev rmak At . Latin Script: Tei kamr Vek Translation: You Have a car.
. surb cevh. Latin Script: Vek brus Translation: A car is blue. "or" A blue car.
. surb cev rmak us . Latin Script: Su kamr Vek brus Translation: He/She has a blue car.
. cal road us . Latin Script: Su daur Lak Translation: He/She drinks milk.
. sAb sAp cev rma ul . Latin Script: Lu amr Vek beis Translation: I like good cars.
. sAb ul aso sAb At . Latin Script: Tei beis ozo Lu beis Translation: You are good and I am good.
. sAP cev . Latin Script: Vek peis Translation: Cars
. sAP cev rmak ul . Latin Script: Lu kamr Vek peis Translation: I have cars.
. sAb surb sAP cev rmak At . Latin Script: Tei kamr Vek peis brus beis Translation: You have good, blue cars.
. uca road us . Latin Script:Su daur Aku Translation: He/She drinks water.
. cal road AP us . Latin Script: Su pei daur Lak Translation: They drink milk.
. Tun rmak AP ul . Latin Script: Lu pei kamr Not Translation: We have food.
. sAb TuN road us . Latin Script: Su daur Not beis Translation: He/she eats good food.
. scab cal road AP At . Latin Script: Tei pei daur Lak baks Translation: You guys drink white milk.
. suja cev ruo AP ul . Latin Script: Lu pei our Vek ajus Translation: We like a red car.

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