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Lesson #2
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Welcome to verb hell.
This public article was written by Mutationivori, and last updated on 20 Mar 2018, 11:46.

[comments] Menu 1. Affixing Verbs 2. Negation 3. Causative 4. Passive 5. Past Tense 6. Importance, Doubt, and What? : Mood Affixes 7. Conjunctive (WIP) 8. Final notes : Casual and The Order again
This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.
[top]Affixing Verbs

To be done later.
In short : affixes all the way down.

The Order:
All affixes are ordered- negation comes first, then causative, passive, past tense, and finally the mood affixes. (I am uncertain if mood affixes may be used at the same time.)
This order is the order in which they must be attached to a verb.

-vii -naina -sese -kutai -xi -pa -no

All combined:
-vinaisekuxipano (if mood fixes can be used together)


A negation affix. The full version is -vii and the shortened version is -vi.

VerbVerb with NegationVerb with Negation and other Affix(es).
not go
did not go
not sleep
was not made to sleep

As you can see in the table, when further affixes are added -vii is shortened. -vii may also be shortened in casual speech; all affixes can.



The causative affix is -naina, with the short version reduced down to -nai.

emey (za) vana (ro) ozei.
/emeɪ za vana ɻo ozei/
(I) made the dog eat a bone.



The passive affix is -sese, with the short version reduced down to -se.

kemkai (uu) tashisese.
/kemkai ɯ: taʃisese/
I am cut | cuts I

[top]Past Tense


The past tense of something is -kutai, with shorted version as -ku.

kemkai - dearakutai.
/kemkai deaɻakɯtai/

As standard storytelling forms, -ku is always used with -kuxi, at least when beginning and setting a story- due to stories and myths being regarded as socially important and/or historical fact in many cases.

[top]Importance, Doubt, and What? : Mood Affixes

Mood Suffixes



[top]Conjunctive (WIP)

A rather large work in progress- current rules will drop the last vowel and consonant, and replace it with -t.

mao = mat
One vowel gone.

deara = deat
One vowel and consonant gone.

No verbs- or almost none will end in a consonant.
[top]Final notes : Casual and The Order again

-vii naina sese kutai xi pa no

Short forms are all casually used too. Bam done.

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