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CTX.Extra Lesson - Stylistic Seals
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Names, Seals and potential memes
This public article was written by Cirton Historian, and last updated on 24 May 2020, 03:54.

When writing any Cirtunese word, people can treat it as a normal word and choose between the horizontal / vertical styles. In addition to that, the Cirtunese people have their own seals to represent various concepts and even themselves.
Let's take the name /kɔχa'i/ as an example, the prime minister of the  Cirton Union.
It can be written as kjojhi2 or ko-hi2 .
However, each person can create their personal seal and write/stamp it instead of their names.
In this case, that would be: bGkhi2m .

The Creation Process

> To hold any meaning, the seal must be written in a closed square.

b- + G- + d- + m- = bGdm

> The reading of a seal does not need to be phonetic, but being phonetic, the reading is done in the following order:
Left, top, bottom and right.
So, in the case of the word: BcGlzMn
the order is: Bc Gl z Mn .

> The meaning of the whole symbol may or may not be composed of those of its parts.


These seals are used mostly as a way to sign one's identity, but they may convey all sorts of personal information. From emotions to complex ideas and even new concepts.
The key point here is that their meanings are not inherent to the Cirtunese language, but are often largely personal and carry information that's been / will soon be established between the emitter and the receptor.
In other words, these can be the Cirtunese equivalents to signatures, emojis or memes.

I, for example, use the symbol bGcijto9m as my signature.
However, if you read the characters separately, it only says ci-to9 /sitɔ̃/ and not cimqmh-tomN /siʁtɔn̩/.

I also use the seals bGdcMr /sa:ɾɐ̆/ or bGdrMr /ra:ɾɐ̆/ as my "IMPORTANT" or "to do" seals.
And once it's done, or I don't need to check it again, I mark it as bGdcwMr /sʷa:ɾɐ̆/

For Conworkshop, I've made the seal bGkjo9jdwom- /kɔ̃ʷo/.

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