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reduplication in XAS
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uses/meanings of it
This public article was written by pachelbel, and last updated on 25 Sep 2019, 09:20.

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"often/habitually/a lot/too much"
- tis·i tis·i nen "tomorrow tomorrow person" person who habitually procrastinates
- jopf jopf "space space" universe, cosmos)
- taas taas "talk talk" babble, chatter
- ngac ngac "skin skin" naked (of a person)

"archetypal type or kind"
- ok·sy ok·sy "breathable_air breathable_air" oxygen

asking questions
with a reduplicated preposition
- es-es? "from-from?" from where/what?
- la-la? "for-for?" why/for what purpose?
with a reduplicated noun or pronoun
- hos-hos? "3SA-3SA?" who?
- taa-taa? "3SI-3SI?" what?
- gai-gai? "ship-ship?" what ship?/which ship?

- es-es "from-from" from wherever/whatever, from anywhere/anything
- la-la "for-for" for whatever reason/purpose, for any reason/purpose
- hos-hos "3SA-3SA" whoever, anyone
- taa-taa "3SI-3SI" whatever, anything
- choo·vu choo·vu "sexuality-sexuality" whatever sexuality, could be questioning or just generally not straight

you generally tell the difference by the way they're said.
- some are codified compound words (ok·sy ok·sy, jopf jopf) so they're p much just said as one word.
- questions will have uptalk.
- "whatever" uses are pretty much the same use-cases as questions (i.e. usually prepositions or pronouns) except without the question uptalk.
- anything else is probably a "often/habitually" use, often with the connotation of "too often/too much".
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