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Vambus Syntax
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Syntax and stuff
This public article was written by DzêtaRedfang, and last updated on 6 May 2017, 05:24.

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This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

So, uh, I guess this is where I'll get down and dirty with syntax. Just a little forwarning: Some parts will be extremely short, such as general word order, but other things, such as the adjectives, are gonna take some time to explain. You've been warned.

[top]Word Order: The meaning of S > O

Ah, it's time. I've waited too long to explain just what S > O means, so let's begin. The basic word order in  Atruozan is, well, S > least in declaritive sentences/clauses/phrases. So, what does this mean? Basically, the basic word order is completely free, with the exception that the subject must come before the object in a declarative sentences/clauses/phrases. The last word is generally the word that gets the most emphasis/is the most important.

However, there is a second word order: O > S. This is used when asking a question, and in the case that pronouns are required, all the pronoun preclitics of the verb are moved to the end of the clause/sentence/phrase.

[top]Adjective fun
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