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This private article was written by [Deactivated User] on 11 Jun 2018, 07:20.

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New Artifacts Reveal Ngeyv-Qgamic Link

Recently excavated artifacts reveal ancient connections between Qgam and Ngeyv cultures.

Caa Ler—Construction workers digging a foundation for a new government facility near Qsluoy Aaw unearthed archaeological artifacts that have been positively identified as Ngeyv in origin. The artifacts, namely several toggle harpoons, are the first of their kind to be discovered in Qgam.

The items are believed to be over 1000 years old, during a time when southern Qgam was still mostly under the control of the Nuar Kingdom. Toggle harpoons are not a Qgamic invention, as the Qgams of the time did not generally employ harpoons. The Ngeyv people, on the other hand, strongly relied only harpooning for subsistence, and are known to have employed the toggle harpoon for millennia.

It is believed that ancient Ngeyv explorers crossed the frozen Gelog Sea and brought with them such technical and cultural knowledge, which spread to the Qgamic people. The spiritual similarity of the two cultures is likely also accountable to the cultural intercourse which must have occurred at that time.

It is hoped that this discovery will strengthen the bonds of friendship already enjoyed between the two nations.
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