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Venuzian noun animacy-paradigmatic system
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Short introduction in Venuzian noun animacy-paradigmatic system with exapmles
This public article was written by RobertOsmolovsky, and last updated on 26 Sep 2019, 22:13.

[comments] Venuzian, indirectly classified as Indo-European language, is a rare example of language of this language family, which lacks the grammatical category of the genus. That fact brings this language closer to his, not genetic, but cultural, relative Hungarian language.
With a lack of gender in the language, however, there is a slightly different system for nouns classifying, development processes of which have been observed since ancient Bharatian Ionian-Lydian and it is believed that the emergence of this system is directly related to philosophy existing at that time. At this stage of researches, this system is called the Venuzian noun animacy-paradigmatic system.
The essence of this system is built not on an abstract division into genders on the basis of historical succession, but on more clearly defined sense-distinguishing boundaries.
At the moment, all venuzian nouns, based on a modern researches, are divided into four parts: 1st and 2nd paradigm with each category contains the animated and inanimated classes.
1st paradigm (1xł kłamman):
Animate (Laǵeaułert erra):
All large living creatures, creatures that can directly manipulate the objects of the material and spiritual worlds without the participation of other creatures or third-party spirits
Inanimate (Diirartard erra):
All human-made objects and subjects

2nd paradigm (2uł kłamman):
Animate (Laǵeaułert erra):
Any objects of nature outside the concept of a large living creature, proper names
Inanimate (Diirartard erra):
Objects of inanimate nature, generalizing concepts containing a subset of animate and inanimate objects, categories of the state of the world. categories generated by nature and living beings without the participation of reason and deliberate action, all abstract concepts, nouns from adjectives

As can be seen from the definitions of each of classes, they are quite compactly designed for purpose of meaningfully embracing most of the nouns of language. Also, this system can be applied more precisely in the context of a text/sentence.
Ten words of the dictionary starting with A and P will be given as examples. 1st paradigm animated/inanimated (1A, 1I), 2nd paradigm animated/inanimated (2A, 2I)
Alica - cherry plum, 2A
Alima - apple, 2A
Alimana - apple tree, 2A
Aliter - brother, 1A
Aliterca - brotherhood, 2I
Alsun - grandson, 1A
Anułik - material, 2I
Arat- animal, 1A
Arułeh - lord, 1A
Asenlee - succes, 2I
Aspłœld - bitumen, 1I
Parad - freind, 1A
Paragon - ancestor, 1A
Paranc - command, 2I
Parax - mistake, 2I
Parga - willow, 2A
Parsa- pea, 2A
Patrida - fatherland, 2I
Paxac - seal, 1I
Paxelǵ - sheep, 1A
Paœǵ - dog, 1A
Peaǵsopłark- aardwolf, 1A
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