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Lesson One: Nouns & Noun Case
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An overview of nouns in Anari and their two cases.
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Lesson One: Nouns & Noun Case

Welcome to a series of lessons on how to write and speak the Anari language. In this lesson we will teach you how nouns function in Anari.


Anari is a language built with Nominative-Accusative Alignment. All nouns and pronouns in the dictionary are in their default nominative case, and all nouns except for pronouns have only two cases; Nominative and Genitive. Pronouns have a third case, Accusative, which will be covered later in our lesson on Pronouns.

[top]Nominative Case

All nouns are found in the dictionary in their nominative case. This form describes te noun when they are acting as the agent in a sentence and the patient; Take for instance the English sentence:

The boy had a cake.

We would gloss it in English as:

The boy-NOMNominative (case)
TRANS subject, INTR argument
had a cake-NOMNominative (case)
TRANS subject, INTR argument

The nouns boy and cake would be in their nominative case in Anari as well.

[top]Genitive Case

All nouns in Anari have a case to show possession. In English, this is achieved through the suffix -'s, from the archaic Middle English Genitive Case. In Spanish, nouns have no genitive case; instead, they use the word de, meaning of, to show possession.

An example in English would be:

The boy's-GENGenitive (case)

Anari forms its genitive case by adding the suffix -ví to singular nouns and -vín to the end of plural nouns. The diacritic mark over the i assists in distinguishing between words ending naturally in vi and words in their genitive case.


The following are some example sentences of case and their Anari counterpart.

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