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Beasts of The World
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Detailing the creatures, feared or sacred, of Vrkhazh
This public article was written by Ahzoh, and last updated on 25 May 2017, 12:02.

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The walking corpses of the dead. They are the result of people who died filled with regret or anger and so their soul remains trapped in their bodies and their corpses rise from the grave to attack everything it comes into contact with. They may also be the result of a mansu or necromancer taking control of their bodies.

Benevolent spirits responsible for rainfall.
Being that manifest itself in the form of a human and three snakes coiled around it. Guardian of a lake.

Infant mansud residing in the deep recesses of the Formless World where they are unaffected by the influence of Formed Worlds. Upon coming into contact with said influence they gain sentience and turn into a full-fledged mansu. It is believed that all mansud were a nonsentient, collective shifnu before rifts began being opened between their world and the numerous Formed Worlds.
ṛ-Vaẇdud ṛ-Tṛharud (The Vile Lords)
These are the designated "rulers" of all mansud. While any individual mansu or shifnu can become one of these, there can only be a few hundred of them in existence at a time. Shofnud that become Lords often develop forms that are unique among them and acquire greater-than-human intellect. Mansud that become Lords simply gain greater power and intellectual capabilities. In any case, some of them are responsible for leading armies of mansud to destroy humanity while some are left to guard important areas of the Formless World.

Notable Lords are:
An enormous worm-like creature that can generate an energy-field around its maw that can drill through any substance. Of all mansud, this is possibly the largest as it is larger than The Wall of Vrkhazh. It is responsible for the destruction of The City of Wise Scholars.
A mtsemu that is unremarkable in appearance but manipulative and stealthy. He studies humans and their behaviours and thus knows a great deal about them. He often tries to emulate them. Not much else is known about him.
A zo'u that possessed a set of armour who enjoys torturing and killing things. He is fascinated with humans and sometimes he is willing to grant humans some of his power in exchange for taking them away to the Formless World before they die. However, for this reason, he is also disliked by many of the mansud and seen as a traitor.
A zo'u that has become more condensed, taking on a liquid form instead of the usual gaseous one. She is the "sister" of Mowayakwoyi as they both originated from the same zo'u before it became a Lord. Unlike her brother, she is uninterested in humanity and only sees them as a food source.
A mtsemu that became gorged on energy when he merged with the essence of stars. His "true form", or core, is a glowing-red mass of pure energy that is enclosed in a very large shell of an unknown dark substance, taking on a humanoid appearance. His overall size is about as tall and large as 5 elephants stacked upon one another. He can also take on a more serpentine appearance which he does when he is trying to consume things with his "mouth".

His core is a vessel containing all of the souls of people he has consumed and is capable of making their spirits appear to their loved ones in order to lure more people into its maw.
Nocturnal beasts that take the appearance of frozen, undead horses. They exude a breath that freezes everything it touches. The breath can even extinguish fire. Their appearances are always marked with loud frightening wails, which have the ability to instill paralyzing fear into even the fearless.
These are powerful creatures whose appearance consists of a serpent's tail, the body and head of a felid, and thick scales all over its body. Its main method of attack is charging into its victim and mauling them with its incredibly sharp claws until the victim falls to the ground, then it proceeds to bite them to death with the dagger-sized canines it possesses on both sides of its jaw.
Humanoid beings composed entirely of blood, they are particularly feared for their ability to possess the bodies of creatures living or dead by entering into cuts or wounds and imitating their hosts almost perfectly. This ability to possess other creatures also confers them immunity to light, although they are still affected by fire. Additionally, these creatures possess self-awareness and intelligence that rivals even humans. Although they are very rarely encountered and appear weak, they are nonetheless a force to be reckoned with.

Motsmud are the only ones that are capable of human-like speech, and have their own language which they call Chweyawa.
Golem-like creatures composed of the surrounding sand. They hide within the sands in groups until something approaches them, they they burst from out of the ground to envelop the victim and suffocate them. It is uncertain what they do with the body afterwards but it always disappears within the sands. It is common for travelers in the desert to be ambushed by these terrifying creatures.
A mansud that takes the appearance of a torso possessing four arms and two heads that end in an anteater-like snout. At the side of its torso are strange mechanical devices, which presumably allow it to hover and move. The elbows of its arms end in spikes that have exposed bone at the tips, which are perpetually on fire.
Humanoid beings with left arms that end in the heads of wolves. The wolf head is capable of breathing fire or spitting out fireballs at its victims. The wolf head can also just eat things since the main head has no mouth. Their main weakness is their fragile legs, which are made of obsidian. Like all mansud they're also weakened by light and catch fire easily.
An amorphous mist-like creature that drains the blood of those caught within it, becoming a crimson colour when it's full with blood. These creatures reside in cold, mountainous regions and dark caves. Due to the flammable nature of mansud, it is common for mountain travelers to bring torches with them so that they can readily distinguish what is normal fog and what is a zo'u.

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