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Lesson #3 Pronouns
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This public article was written by Story Maker, and last updated on 23 Jan 2019, 20:07.

[comments] Pronouns follow a CV syllable structure or a CVC structure.
In Xerq there are 4 Grammatical person 1st, 2nd, 3rd animate, and 3rd inanimate with each having a singular and Plural form. The vowel tells you what person it is example:
1st person i
2nd person ɛ
3rd person animate u
3rd person inanimate ə

The consonant says whether it is singular (q) or plural (ɣ).

The consonant q is added to the end to make it possessive.

Pronouns can have either be subject or patient. There is no subject marker but the patient marker is f (ɰ)

sg slrqsflfrfqf
sg.poss soloroqosfolforfoqfo
pl xzjexfzfjfef
pl.poss xozojoeoxfozfojfoefo

There are no official gendered pronouns. For example if you want to say she/her you place the 3rd person animate word (r qu) right before the word for woman (1vw qaɣin) to make r 1vw qu qaɣin. Literally They (woman). This can also be done for he/him ( r 1iw qu qaɰyn). These are only for those who wish to be specific.
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