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Vandalon Sound Changes: Verb Coda
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This public article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 28 Jul 2023, 15:36.

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Having caught myself on constantly listing through the Wiktionary page on Latin verbs in order to create French-looking  Vandalon ones from Proto-Germanic, I finally decided to create a comprehensive list to refer to. The following table will be work in progress for foreseeable future
Proto-Germanic  VandalonEnglishLatinFrenchEnglish
-atjaną → -acier
have meal
-ōlijaną → -ouloir



-ōtaną → -ouer
be allowed
-Vlaną → -Vudre
should, have to

 Vandalon is first and foremost en exercise in aesthetics. That means, that I want my words feel as French and be as Germanic as possible.

For a number of years since the beginning of  Vandalon's systematic codification in 2016, I followed the happy-go-lucky approach: just take a Proto-Germanic word from whatever source available, and Frenchify it. This was applied to the verbs too, which were getting the endings of First, Second and Third conjugation based on a whim.

There was a problem, though. The verbs didn't look French enough.

With the time, I came up with a few rules. The first one was assigning PG verbal conjugation *-aną, *-ōną-er, *-(i)janą-ir. This was an easy scheme that made from etymological point of view, given -janą is related to Latin -iō via PIE *-yeti. This was a progress, yet...

The verbs still didn't look French enough.

For there are loads of juicy French verbs, like the onces ending with -indre or -rdre that the scheme didn't produce. A lot of Germanic loanwords that broke the scheme completely (like barguigner*burgijaną or hanter*haimatjaną) too juicy not to try to imitate.

Problem is - I was soon lost in all the possible paradigms. So here is the next iteration: given a Proto-Germanic verb, I first look if it is not borrowed into French. If this is not the case, I seek for a similar Latin, or even Proto-Italic verbs, and what they've evolved into French, and choose similar verbal ending for the projected  Vandalon verb.

Once decided upon that, I've created a large table in a local file, that is being slowly transferred into this CWS page. The decision caused what I call the Great Vandalon Verb Purge, whereupon hundreds of verbs have been revisited. To me, they now look much more French-y than before. The only problem is - most of them are now of the Conjugation III. But for now, I rather view it as a feature.
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